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Bull Mountain Outfitters offer guided mountain lion hunting (also known as cougar hunts) in New Mexico. Mountain lions are one of the most exciting big game animals in North America. These intelligent, swift, and illusive cats are tough to hunt and require a knowledgeable hunting guide and experienced hunting dogs. There is nothing like the sound of the hounds when they finally tree your trophy mountain lion. New Mexico is one of the best states for hunting mountain lions and Bull Mountain Outfitters has the hunting guides and hunting dogs to help make your hunt a success. The ranches we hunt is known for producing trophy cougars.

Quality New Mexico trophy Mopuntain Lion Cougar hunts on private ranch land in New Mexico for an affordable price.



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This area of New Mexico that we hunt has long been famous for trophy mountain lion hunting due to limited access, and superb natural habitat. The New Mexico hunts are based out of our private ranch houses. The New Mexico terrain is much easier on the hunter than that of Colorado and is therefore much easier on the hunter. Since these hunts occur in the winter months walking in the snow in our moderate terrain is preferred by most hunters. The number and quality of of the panthers you find on our private ranches is quite impressive. With our experienced guides and hunting hounds we work hard to provide your best chance to taking that big trophy mountain lion.

Hunting dogs are the best way to hunt mountain lions. Their keen sense of smell allows them track the cougar and eventually tree them. The hunters follow the hounds in hot pursuit and once the cat is treed, the hunter can get a good look at the cat and decides on whether to take it or hold out for a bigger one. This method allows the hunter to make his own choices about what represents a trophy to him or her. Letting the small ne go helps to ensure that our hunters will continually be able to take true trophy lions year after year.Come and let us help to put your tag on one.

Memories for a lifetime

We normally travel by way of 4 wheel drive vehicles to and from the hunting areas. Let us know if you have any special needs or accommodations. Our hunting season is scheduled during the colder months so be sure to dress appropriately. Shooting distances can range from 20 to 50 yards depending upon the circumstance and particular tree. This time of year you can expect cold mornings, slightly warmer by mid-day, possible rain showers or a snow flurry or two. After a fulfilling day of hunting in New Mexico outdoors, we wind down with some memorable tales of the day, a great meal, a hot shower, TV, and comfortable beds.

Don't miss out on the excitement

We hope to share the excitement with you this hunting season. Our mountain lion hunts are 7 day hunts. The price of the hunt includes lodging, transportation to and from the nearest airport. From the airport it is a few hour drive to our New Mexico ranches. The price also includes fuel costs, meals, and 1 guide for every 2 hunters. Our prices does not include the hunting licence fees.

When it comes to mountain lion hunting, Bull Mountain Outfitters can put you in the right location to help fill your tag. Call early to reserve your spot. Our hunts fill up early each year so call right away to make sure your hunt is booked to suit your schedule. Contact us now and book your spot for the hunt of a lifetime! We look forward to your arrival.

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