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Bear hunting at it's finest. Enjoy the beauty of spring in New Mexico while glassing for bears feeding on the hillsides or along the side of a road. Spring is the time of year that bears are the most active. As the days get warmer and the snow slowly turns into green meadows, they emerge from their dens. During the spring hunt the bears pelt is at it's finest. The thick lush fur makes a wonderful rug or a mount. In this part of the New Mexico the colors of the bears can vary from coal black, cinnamon, red and occasionally blonde. You will also see plenty of other game species this time of year. Elk, Mule Deer, Antelope, Turkey and small game animals are plentiful. Be sure to bring your camera.

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The pristine Rocky Mountains are beautiful this time of year. The mountains are covered with new vegetation like grasses, green sprouts, grubs and new leaves. The bears appetite are enormous after they emerge from their winter hibernation. So this time of year they spend most of their day searching for food. Because they have just emerged from their winter hibernation the bears do not weight as much as they do during the fall.

Bears are attracted to areas with a good food source, heavy dense cover and plenty of water. Because of their reclusive nature and keen sense of smell and hearing, a good guide is your best bet for tagging one of these bruins. A good guide will locate their claw marks on the sides of trees and be able to size them up from their tracks.

The average weight is anywhere from 150 to 350 pounds and measure 5' to 6' overall length. This area of New Mexico has been producing trophy bears for our clients for years. Many of our clients are repeats. Our guides have the skills and experience to help you fill your bear tag and provide memories that will last a lifetime.

Memories for a lifetime

You will wake up to hot coffee and breakfast. Then travel the logging roads by way of ATV, 4 wheel drive and on foot glassing for feeding bears. Shooting distances can range from 20 to 300 yards depending upon the circumstance and area. This time of year you can expect cool mornings, warm days, possible rain showers and an occasional snow flurry or two.

Don't miss out on the excitement

When it comes to Black Bear hunting, Bull Mountain Outfitters can put you in the right location to help fill your tag. Call early to reserve your spot. We hope to share the excitement with you this hunting season.

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