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As professional big game outfitters, we take pride in providing our guests with some of the most successful and memorable trophy hunts available. Whether you are after trophy elk, mule deer or antelope our experienced guides will help your hunting dreams come true. We provide some of the very finest New Mexico big game hunts. If it's big game you're after, We can put you in the right spot to help fill that spot on your trophy room wall. You can take your chances with New Mexico outfitters and hunting guides that hunt on public land or you can hunt with us on well managed private ranches.



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Elk Hunting in the rut with Outfitter Bryan Garrett

Elk is one of the most sought after species in the US. You will enjoy hunting with us in the pristine New Mexico Rocky Mountains for your trophy elk. The private ranches we hunt have been producing massive bulls for many years. Our primary ranch is a working cattle ranch that is nestled between two national forests. Outfitter Bryan Garrett and his family has owned and managed this ranch for trophy game since 1970. Bryan has been featured on "Driven to Hunt" (seen on ESPN 2) where he guided NASCAR affiliates Chris Williams and Terry Labonte.

We provide guided elk hunts on exclusive access private ranches, not public land. Hunting trophy elk on private ranches that are under trophy management practices increase your chances for taking an older mature bull elk because we control the harvesting of game and minimize the hunting pressure these animals are exposed to. These are all free-range hunts, no high fences.

We hunt some of the best ranches in New Mexico. We have been called one of the best elk hunting outfitter because of our reputation for quality elk hunts.

Mule Deer Hunting - Monster Muleys

The monster muleys we hunt range from 19 to 30 inch inside spreads and occasionally bigger. As responsible New Mexico outfitters, we prefer to take Mule Deer bucks that have reached full maturity. This helps to ensure that our hunters will continually be able to take bucks with true trophy racks year after year. We have an excellent reputation for high quality hunts, superior customer service and a very high success rate thanks to our experience and game management practices. As a result, most of our business is repeat clients. We want to have you as repeat client as well so we will do our best to make your experience the hunt of a lifetime.

Words can not describe the caliber of the game we consistently take each year. Enjoy our photos then pick up the phone and schedule your trophy hunt. Our hunts are all free range hunts, no high fenses.

Black Bear Hunts with trained hounds and experienced guides

Bears are attracted to areas with a good food source, heavy dense cover and plenty of water. Because of their reclusive nature and keen sense of smell and hearing, a good guide is your best bet for tagging one of these bruins. A good guide will locate their claw marks on deciduous trees and be able to size them up from their tracks. Our guides have the skills and experience to help you fill your tag and provide memories that will last a lifetime.

Exciting Mountain Lion, Panther, Cougar Hunts

Few game animals provide the heart pounding excitement that comes with hunting the apex predator. The mountain lion is fast cunning and stealthy. The areas we hunt have a high population of the cats due to the availability of food cover and little human interaction. If you are ready for an over-the-top hunting experience, then call us today and book your mountain lion hunt.

Challenging Antelope Hunts

The area we hunt in New Mexico supports a high population of trophy pronghorn antelope. This swift animal with legendary eye sight is a real challenge and will provide you with an exciting hunt. They are known to exceed speeds of 40 miles per hour at a full run. Whether you you choose a bow or rifle hunt you can expect a lot of action when you take on one of these speedsters. Antelope hunts are a great hunt for the wife and kids. The New Mexico hunts are based out of our private ranch houses. Call soon to make sure your spot is reserved.

Hunting with New Mexico Outfitters Guides

New Mexico is the home of some of the finest trophy hunting in the US. We offer outstanding ranch hunts for trophy elk, mule deer, bear, antelope and mountain lions for an affordable price. The ranches we hunt have been using trophy management practices for years and the results are evident in the outstanding quality of the game animals produced. Our accommodations, service and experience guides have earned us a reputation for excellence. We limit the size of our groups and we spread the hunters out across the large ranches we to minimize the hunting pressure on the game animals. Your New Mexico outfitter and hunting guide will be professional and conscientious for your ultimate hunting experience. Your guide will professionally skin and cape your trophies. The guides and packers will complete all gutting quartering and packing necessary. We will also transport your game meat to a local processor, if you desire.

Don't miss out on the excitement

If it's trophy elk, deer or antelope, you're after, we can put you in the right location to help fill your tag. Call early to reserve your spot. We hope to share the excitement with you this hunting season.

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